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Beads & Bronze Balls Necklaces

Beads & Bronze Balls Necklaces

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Beads and Bronze Balls Necklaces: A royal collection of old and new themes. Bodom , Akoso, Dutch glass, Tuareg silver, Fulani amber & Ashanti bronze are having a great get together meeting of royalties in the Ashanti Kingdom of West Africa. It is for lovers of high quality pieces of art and culture. A collector's treasure suitable for special occasions. This Statement Stones Necklace does not contain any harmful constituents and is safe for Skin.


  • Safe for Skin.
  • It does not contain any harmful constituents. 
  • Beautiful work of art and Culture.
  • Unique design and comfy.
  • Collector's dream


  • Name: Statement Stones and Bronze Balls Necklaces
  • Use for: Women's
  • Type: Bronze and Beads
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