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Festac Face African Necklace

Festac Face African Necklace

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Antique Festac Necklace is a hand carved African piece of art. It is stringed together with various real beads (Nupe, multi Jigida beads, Corals, multi Amber beads, Agate, color beads, fossil, trading beads, Bronze, Wood, Blue glass, Palm seed beads and carved timber ball beads). This unique tribal necklace is an exquisite image documentation of African heritage and pays tribute to the creative power of the African people. It is a throw back of the Nigerian Festac 1977 art celebration. The art deco is a collector's dream and an ideal gift for lovers of rare and unique pieces. It does not contain any harmful constituents.

The Antique Festac Deco is a great investment and a magnificent unique, one-off research item.

Weight: About 6 Ib

Length: 27 inches

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